4 Summer Style Essentials

1. Jumpsuits

This jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters is one of my favourite purchases since coming to California. The wide leg makes it look like a maxi dress from certain angles, adding a fun twist to the outfit. Jumpsuits are also so much more practical than dresses and make me feel so free. The charcoal colour will help the piece transition nicely into my fall wardrobe. My one issue with the jumpsuit: the rough edge on the bottom. From the second I bought it the bottom has been fraying which sucks. I am going to have to have someone tailor the bottom so it won’t fray any further. It was a poor design move to say the least.



Another jumpsuit I am loving this summer is this fitted denim one. It is really easy to dress up or dress down. It is not as comfy or light as the other jumpsuit, but that doesn’t make me love it any less!



2. Off the shoulder dresses


This is my favourite trend of the summer. California has been dreadfully hot lately and these two dresses light and airy dresses have been a complete life saver. Who doesn’t love staying cool while looking cute?



This trend made me hesitant at first because I thought that off the shoulder would equal uncomfortable. I don’t want to be pulling up a dress all day long. This is actually why you will never catch me in anything strapless. I am happy to report that this isn’t an issue! The elastic actually keeps them up easily on their own.

3. Wooden Watches


I am a sucker for a watch. It is such a timeless piece and by adding in the wood detail it gives a modern twist. This watch is Frankie in Zebrawood and Champagne. Something about the striped wood and light coloured face really screams summer to me. The face of this watch is really large, but I love how bold the size is. It is really eye catching.



I also have a smaller, darker watch that is more neutral and subdued. It is the Frankie 35 in Dark Sandalwood and Slate. I chose the smaller Frankie 35 series because I was worried too much dark wood on my wrist would look to heavy. I definitely think I made the right decision.



Allie and I were contacted by Jord, the creator of these amazing wooden watches, to do a giveaway! One lovely reader, Instagram follower, or Youtube subscriber will win a $185 store credit to purchase one of their amazing watches. Everyone else who enters will get a $25 credit so everyone’s a winner!

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4. Salt texturizing spray



Confession: I totally hate doing my hair. I rarely do it. My hair is naturally wavy but it gets super frizzy and tangled. I used to use texturizing sprays and products on a regular basis, but I have had trouble finding a less-toxic, better for the environment version. My wishes were finally granted when I found this Sea Salt Spray by Renpure. I am so in love and my hair feels so nourished and looks so much better.



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