My 5 Favourite Lesbian Youtubers


I love love love watching Youtube videos. To be completely honest my love borders on obsession. I don’t really watch TV because Youtube has completely taken its place. There are videos for everyone on Youtube, I swear you can find anything you could imagine (it get’s pretty weird sometimes).


When I was coming out watching lesbian and bisexual Youtubers was a huge help for me. I felt very lost and alone like there was no one else like me out there. These videos helped me feel like everything was going to be okay and that what I was feeling was normal. Eventually, they helped me accept myself and now I absolutely love and accept who I am fully, so I owe a lot to these Youtubers!


That was years ago, and now there are even more amazingly beautiful people on Youtube. So without further ado, here are a few of my all-time favourite lesbian Youtubers.


1. Megan and Whitney Bacon-Evans (WhatWeganDidNext)


Wegan were one of the first femme/femme relationships on Youtube and they have been around a long time! You can watch back their old videos as they tackled long distance, moved across the world to be together, got engaged, had their civil partnership, and recently got married! They are advocates for femme invisibility (head to their channel to find out what that is) and they are the founders of Find Femmes!


Happy #NationalComingOutDay 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 we both came out around the same time. I was 16 in England & @wbacon11 was 15 in the South. We both felt like the only feminine lesbians in the world, but we had hope that one day we would find our soul mate & marry the woman of our dreams. Luckily due to the internet (MySpace) & same-sex marriage becoming legalised in the UK & USA, we found each other & never let go. We hope to inspire others to be true to yourselves & never give up hope. 🌈💕 . (Sorry this is late, we're on Hawaii time) . 📷 by @loversoflove . . . #wegan #wegging17 #wifeandwife #mrsandmrs #brideandbride #twobrides #comingout #samesexmarriage #loveislove #lesbiancouple #femme #femmecouple #femmetribe #femmevisibility

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2. Shannon Beveridge (NowThisIsLiving)


Shannon is one of those Youtubers that I owe a lot too! Her videos are always very uplifting and great if you want to have a good laugh. Originally I fell in love with watching Shannon’s videos with her ex-girlfriend Cammie (like so many other people out their). I loved seeing a genuine relationship between two normal girls that wasn’t some super sexualized thing in movies.


Now Shannon makes amazing videos all by herself, with the occasional guest. Shannon is a real icon and role model in the lesbian community and she deserves all the attention she can get. If you are looking for an uplifting, genuine, amazing soul to watch, Shannon is totally your girl.


she's happy | i'm the she

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3. Tara and Mandi Rosa (LivingRosa)


I have loved watching family vlogs for about as long as Youtube has been around. I mean young me was completely devoted to watching the Shaytards at one point in time. Tara and Mandi are just two normal ladies who decided to document their journey to having a baby. If you watch back their old videos you can follow along with their IVF struggle.


SPOILER: They eventually are successful and had the lovely, now toddler, Lennon. Since then they have also had twin girls! If you want to watch some feel-good family videos, Living Rosa has got you covered.



4. Ally Hills


Ally Hills is basically a musical genius. On her channel, you can find storytimes, hilarious bits and bobs, and lots of music. She has written some amazing fun songs I totally recommend including “How To Tell if a Girl is a Lesbian” and “Coming Out – The Official Song”.



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5. Jessica Kellgren-Fozard


Jessica is a femme lesbian who loves all things vintage and is married to her lovely wife Claudia. Jessica also happens to live with disabilities and chronic illnesses. I feel like I have learned so much from watching Jessica’s videos about both being deaf and living with chronic illness. She also makes tons of vintage videos, film reviews, travel vlogs, and videos with her wife! Jessica is such a ray of sunshine, so I totally recommend checking her out if you haven’t already!



Small side note: My beautiful girlfriend Allie and I actually make Youtube videos ourselves! You can find us at Allie and Sam, so check it out and subscribe if you don’t want to miss any of our videos!


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