A Weekend Trip to San Diego

We have been in California for almost 3 months and FINALLY went South of Orange County this past weekend. I am officially in love. Why didn’t we come this way sooner!?


The drive from Dana Point to San Diego should have taken an hour on the freeway… I wish it was this quick! We left early Friday afternoon hoping to beat the rush hour traffic with no such luck. It ended up taking us over 3 hours to get there. This was Allie’s first time driving on the Freeway and she did so well! 


We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the hotel circle and this location was simply the best. It is really conveniently located and just a quick Uber away from most things. The Crowne Plaza had a Polynesian vibe which made it feel extra tropical. The pool looked amazing and I wish we had the time to go for a dip while we were there! 


We went during San Diego Pride, so of course we had to go! We skipped out on the parade on Saturday because once you go to one parade you’ve kind of been to them all (sorry!). Instead, we headed right to the music festival at noon. Man oh man it was hot!! The entry line was huge and since you can’t bring in any water we were slightly miserable during our wait. 



In comparison to other Pride festivals, San Diego’s felt much more spacious. There were lots of people but it had a much better lay out. There was enough room to not feel closed in or claustrophobic amongst all the bodies. We had a blast dancing and listening to the tunes. 



After going back to our hotel to regroup and have a dance party for two, we went to a glitter party! This was an interesting event. It was supposed to be a ladies only plus allies party but some how a group of straight men managed to find us? Odd, but still super fun!


Sunday was an equally amazing day. We spent the morning lounging in the hotel bed snuggling and napping. I am SOO glad that the hotel had a little cafe so we didn’t have to leave the building for yummy coffee. We checked out at noon and were off on our next adventure.

We met our new friend Katie for coffee and snacks at the loveliest little cafe, Communal Coffee. Communal Coffee is not just a cafe, but also the home of the flower shop Native Poppy. The lattes even had flower infusions giving them an interesting and delicious twist.



We then left the heart of San Diego for La Jolla. How did we not hear of this place sooner!? La Jolla is a little seaside town with lots of character and natural beauty. There is an amazing sea cave you can venture through (for a little price). We saw tons of people out on kayaking tours and are already planning to return to go on one ourselves.


The best part of La Jolla may have been the sea lions and the seals. It is so fun to see nature up close, just be sure not to bother them. We saw one sea lion chase a lady and they can move pretty fast!! I had to keep Allie on a tight leash to keep her from showering them with hugs and kisses.



It was so sad to leave San Diego, but now we know that we must come back!!


Ps. How cute is this sign I found outside of Communal Coffee?



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