Aloft: A hotel chain for millennials


A Review of Aloft Hotels


We have been lucky enough to stay in two different Aloft hotels while travelling, the Aloft El Segundo – LAX and the Aloft San Francisco Airport. Both have been lovely stays that we have thoroughly enjoyed. Aloft is quickly becoming one of my favourite hotel chains!


Aloft hotels are boutique hotels, meaning they’re normally small, stylish and in urban locations. There are 250 Aloft hotels with locations, some of those are opening soon, on every continent, minus Antarctica. Are there any hotels there? This hotel chain is blowing up with tons of locations opening every year since its founding in 2008.


The Look


The lobby is a central, open location where you feel that you can spend time. There is a bar and a snack area with lots of seating. Often, you can catch live music in the evening. There are board games and pool tables which help reinforce that this is a place to spend time. Often travelling you feel confined to your hotel room when you are not out exploring. Aloft hotels help you feel like you can relax in the common areas like you would in your own living room.



Aloft hotels are very modern and brightly coloured. Be prepared for an industrial and modern feel when it comes to the architecture. Personally, the outside of Aloft El Segundo reminds me of subway cars.



The Feel


Aloft hotels use a different kind of language to describe things compared to other hotels. My personal favourite is referring to pools as SPLASH.



You can also rest well knowing that Aloft hotels have a low environmental impact. If you choose to forgo daily room cleaning, you will be rewarded with a 5 dollar credit you can use for food at the hotel. You will also notice soap, shampoo, and conditioner dispensers instead of individual bottles to cut down on waste and plastic.


Sometimes, you feel as if you have stepped into the feature because these hotels are very tech savvy. In the lobby of the Aloft San Francisco Airport, there is a large touchscreen directory that can help you learn about the area, check flight times, and more. Some Aloft hotels are also keyless, meaning you can get into your room using your smartphone.


The Rooms


Personally, I prefer hotels that have a modern feel and Aloft certainly fits the bill. The rooms are large and spacious. The rooms are well stocked with all of the amenities you could need on your travels. I love smart TV’s so we can stream Netflix and Youtube from our phones, and both Aloft’s we’ve stayed at have this.



The Bar


Both Aloft hotels that we have had the pleasure to stay in have had an W XYZ Bar. These bars are located in the large, open concept lobbies of the hotels. W XYZ makes for a perfect place to grab a drink (or a bite to eat) unwind while travelling. If you play your cards right you may even catch some live music!



W XYZ also makes for a great social area to hang out if you don’t want to spend all your time in your room. They are equipped with a ton of board games and a pool table. What better way to spend your time right?



Would I recommend?


YES! I am absolutely smitten with Aloft Hotels. The large rooms, open lobby, board games, and fun atmosphere have really sold me. If you want a place made for more than just resting your head Aloft hotels are for you. 



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