Best Cafes in California

Truth be told, I have never been a huge coffee drinker. I had a completely irrational fear of hot drinks for years because I didn’t want to burn my tongue. This meant I never wanted to drink coffee and I never tried tea. Thankfully, things have changed and I am slowly falling in love with coffee.


Allie and I explored so many cafes while in California. Personally, we like bright cafes with unique drink items and high-quality coffee. Allie loves a good Americano, so it is important that everywhere we go has more than simply drip coffee.


Here is a compilation of all of the best cafes in California (in my opinion anyway!).


Hidden House Coffee

San Juan Capistrano


Hidden House Coffee can be found in San Juan Capistrano’s historic district, Los Rios inside of an old house near the railway. Hidden House has extraordinary coffee and delicious baked goods. We were able to visit this cafe multiple times and were never disappointed! I recommend grabbing a seat outside on the old homes porch to enjoy your cozy drink.  



Communal Coffee

San Diego


If you are a long time Coastal Curiosity reader the name Communal Coffee might ring a bell. I wrote about this cafe in both “San Diego Travel Guideand “A Weekend Trip to San Diego”, so it is not a surprise, I’m sure, to see it on this list!


Communal Coffee is an aesthetically beautiful cafe. It is open and bright with lots of fresh flowers from their building neighbour Native Poppy. What makes this cafe unique? Their flower infusion lates. If you can’t make a decision between flavours why not order a latte flight with four different flavours?



Bear Coast Coffee

San Clemente


Bear Coast Coffee can be found right across from the pier in San Clemente, giving it a lovely view of the beach. This is an artisanal cafe that carefully crafts each aspect of their coffee. Bear Coast has a rotating coffee roaster and all flavours are homemade, unlike most places that use the same processed sugar syrups for flavouring. AND they make their own almond milk fresh every day!



Laguna Coffee

Laguna Beach


Laguna Coffee is a small cafe located on the main street of Laguna Beach, the Pacific Coast Highway. Some locals claim that this place has the best coffee in all of Laguna Beach, and I agree, it is pretty good!



Philz Coffee

San Francisco


Philz Coffee‘s roots are in San Francisco, but they now have locations in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. as well! Philz is known for their amazing custom blends of coffee made by Phil himself.


Going to Philz Coffee is a full blown experience. You go in and place your order with a barista who makes your coffee custom for you, just how you like it, including milk and sugar. This is the first cafe I have ever been to that has such a full-service coffee bar and I surprisingly liked it!


Cafecito Organico

Costa Mesa


Cafecito Organico can be found in the Lab Anti-mall. (You can read all about the Anti-mall in my post here!). This is the perfect place to grab a coffee for your shopping experience at the Anti-mall.


Urth Caffe

Laguna Beach


We absolutely loved visiting Urth Caffe! We would go about once a month and have a delicious coffee or breakfast. Urth is normally very busy. I think every single time we have gone there has been a line of people waiting to go in, but trust me it is worth the wait!



The Butcher’s Daughter

Venice Beach


The Butcher’s Daughter is a plant-based cafe, juice bar, and restaurant with locations in Los Angeles and New York. We had brunch here and it was sooo delicious. I would recommend making a reservation ahead of time since this place is busy and you will probably be waiting an hour or more if you don’t have a brunch reservation.



What are your favourite California cafes?



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