The Best Place to See Wild Kangaroos in Australia

This post is a tiny bit of a throw back! Allie and I spent over six months travelling Australia in 2014 and loved every minute of it. I wish I had started the blog then because I would have had so much to share.



I feel like it is impossible to go to Australia and not want to see Kangaroos, right? They are the most iconic animal from down under. We stayed with locals during our trip, so we were lucky enough to hear about a wonderful place to see them in their natural habitat: Morisset “kangaroo park”.


Morisset is a small town in New South Wales about an hour and a half drive north of Sydney. The picnic spot is extremely hard to find and multiple times we thought we were going the wrong way. This might sound a little sketchy but the area is actually right next to/kind of inside a psychiatric hospital’s grounds and feels like it is in the middle of nowhere… But don’t let that deter you!! It is a magical place. Google Maps is your friend as there are no signs indicating where you are.


The first time we went was during the Australian winter months so it was a little cooler. Lucky for us kangaroos actually like the cold. There were tons. I can’t even explain the number of kangaroos. There were large males, smaller ladies, small joeys and teeny tiny babies hanging out in mamas pouch.



The best part is how friendly they all are. I had heard that kangaroos were actually mean and aggressive, but treat them with respect and these guys don’t mind you at all. Just remember that they are wild animals and not fun pets. Pay attention to their body language and be more cautious of males as they are known to be more aggressive. But if you are kind and play your cards right you can pet them, take photos with them and feed them to your heart’s content.



BUT BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU FEED THEM. There are signs everywhere but some people still don’t listen. Kangaroos can’t process many human foods, especially bread. You don’t want to hurt any poor kangaroos during your visit, so please stick to carrots. (They actually recommend you not feed them at all but no one listens).




Wear closed toe shoes because there is a lot of kangaroo poo on the ground.

If you go in the summer, on hot days, or near noon there will be drastically fewer kangaroos, so be warned.

I’ve heard of some nasty run ins with patients so be careful because you are on hospital grounds.



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