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Shake ya boobies!


That’s what Sam and I (well, I have no tata’s, but I tried!)  did last Saturday night at the first annual Halifax Boobyall. 



Boobyball is an event put on by Rethink Breast Cancer. Their mission is to empower young people to become a new generation of influential breast cancer supporters and combat the myth that breast cancer is an “old lady disease”. They get the 40 and under crowd involved with sass and style, and respond to the unique needs of young women battling this disease.



The first Boobyball was held in 2002 by a group of women supporting their friend Sarah O’Regan. Sarah was diagnosed with aggressive, advanced breast cancer at just 23.


Over the past 15 years, Boobyball has raised more than $4.3 million dollars for Rethink Breast Cancer!



The Boobyball in Halifax had a Get Physical theme. Like, totally tubular, am I right? Sam and I dug through our closet and found our brightest bodysuits and scrunchiest scrunchies.



Olympic Hall was transformed into something straight from Saved by the Bell. There was booby balloons, bright coloured cutouts, and of course a workout prop photo spot. They even had a hair station in case you forgot your volume at home.



The signature drink of the night was a pink cranberry Moscow mule – yum! We had a few of those and danced our legwarmers off. Sam stocked up on Pop Rocks and Pixie Stix, and we took a cootie catcher for a spin (it said I’d find ‘sizzling’ love!).



We can’t wait for the next Boobyball. Hope to see you all there to support such a forward-thinking and important cause that affects so many amazing humans.


Don’t forget to check out Rethink Breast Cancer’s amazing Instagram!


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