Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips




If you follow me on Instagram or know me in real life you will know that I love to wear lipstick. It drives my poor girlfriend up the wall because she is scared I’ll kiss her and cover her in my lipstick. Femme lesbian problem: each wearing a different colour lipstick on a night out… there will be no kissing. I love to wear bold colours for photos and going out but need to wear more neutral colours when going to work.


I have two of the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Matte Liquid Lipsticks – Rising Star and Walk of Fame. I was a little scared getting lipstick that I wasn’t able to swatch first. I lucked out and both shades look great on my skin tone! Rising Star is a warm pink and Walk of Fame is an orange-red.



I have been wearing these lipsticks for the last two months and figured it was finally time to give my opinion!



First Impressions

These lipsticks are extremely pigmented! I only need to apply one coat to get my desired colour. If it starts to fade throughout the day it is easy to add another coat to touch up the colour without having to worry about pilling from your previous coat.



The applicator has a crescent shape, the perfect shape to fit your bottom lip. The thin side makes applying lipstick to your upper lip easy. This makes application a dream and (almost) impossible to mess up.



The one downside is that I find the formula a little dry. Winter is just starting here in Canada and my skin and lips are SO dry. These matte lipsticks are not doing me any favours.



Would I recommend? Yes! I am in love. Rising Fame is my current go-to everyday lipstick. It is such a flattering, neutral colour. Walk of Fame is perfect for a night out – bonus points for not coming off completely during dinner or drinks.



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