DIY Bathroom Makeover


Hi all, it’s me, Allie. I convinced Sam to let me swoop in and make a guest post again. Take a look at our bathroom re-vamp!


Bathroom Makeover on a Budget 


We live in an old Victorian style home. It’s full of charm and character (and cracks and mice!) We love our house, but since we’re renting it, it’s hard to justify putting lots of work into fixing things up.

Our bathroom is one space that really bothers me. It’s super tiny and gathers clutter easily.

Since there isn’t anything I can do about the layout, I went on a mission to revamp the place on a budget. I think making a space bright and clean is a great way to mask the flaws.

Here’s what the bathroom looked like before:



I like purchasing as many things as I can at the dollar store, that way I feel better having one or two more expensive items as the focus.

I couldn’t stand the old plastic shower curtain hooks we had (purchased years ago at the dollar store). I found some metal ones instead – straying away from plastic, and looks way better.



Next to go was the old toilet paper holder. It came with the house (and with rust), and we never had the energy to replace it. I found a pretty much identical one at the dollar store – no rust added!



We have a very small, oddly shaped bathroom, so the only storage space available is shelves. I basically dumped our suitcases into these bins when we got back from California, and we dug through them every morning to find hair brushes and makeup.



I didn’t change this much, but totally organized everything and got rid of empty wrappers and old makeup containers. I also cleared the top shelf off to look more minimalistic, as the bins there tend to be the ones that attract junk most.



The biggest focal point in the room is definitely the shower curtain. There wasn’t anything wrong with the one we had, but it was old and we wanted something a bit lighter. I searched for a while to find this cactus print one from Crescent & Clair. Check out their Etsy shop, website, and Instagram – they make the most adorable home decor and pet products! It really reminds me of our time in California. 



I think it really brightens the space up!

We had no hand soap dispenser, so I picked up a plain white one at the dollar store. I also upgraded our old night light to a sensor one (because we always forgot to turn the old one off), and added a green crystal for a little colour and some good vibes.



We’d still love to redo the floor, but as renters, again, it’s hard to justify spending the money and time on a space we won’t be in forever!

Here’s the final product:



Stay tuned for more room makeovers.



  1. November 16, 2017 / 2:40 pm

    Great way to upgrade. Thanks for the ideas. Beautiful shower curtain.

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