Easy Christmas Wrapping Ideas!



I remember when I was a child seeing the gift wrapping stations at the mall. You know the places where you can drop off your gifts and pay someone to wrap your gifts for you? That always confused me because wrapping the gifts is one of the very best parts!!


I love to make all of the gifts I am giving as pretty as possible. I think keeping things simple and for gifts going under our tree I like to keep a common theme when at all possible.


Here are some easy Christmas wrapping ideas that can help bring your wrapping to the next level! They are very basic, but isn’t that best! Anyone can apply these simple ideas and make your gifts look beautiful under the tree.


Use Simple Paper

This may be personal preference but I love to use simple paper in either brown or white. These papers are a LOT cheaper than buying colourful classic Christmas wrapping paper.


Using simple paper allows you to jazz up your gifts in lots of different ways without the presents looking crazy.


Use Greenery

I love using natural elements in wrapping and the best part is – they are free! During a quick trip to the local park, I collected greenery from different trees and lots of pinecones.




Wrapping Cylinders

Wrapping odd shapes have always been a struggle for me. This year I had to wrap a cylinder and realized that it would be easy to wrap it up as if it was a candy. Does everyone already know to do this and I am just way behind! I think this turned out super cute.


All I did was twist the ends and tie with a rose gold ribbon!



Unique Ribbons 

I love to use pretty ribbons! I like to use either twine, for a rustic feel, or metallic ribbons for a more glamorous feel. I also recommend trying to tie ribbons in different ways for different looks.




All of these options are VERY cheap! All of these supplies were either free or from the Dollar Store and will last for many many gift wrapping sessions!  



Hopefully, you learned a few quick tips to make wrapping gifts easier. I want to hear all of your wrapping tips! Let me know in the comments.


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