My Favourite Holiday Tunes


I am one of those people that truly believe that Christmas is the most magical time of year. The number one thing I do to get in the Christmas spirit is by listening to Holiday tunes. I honestly wish it was acceptable to listen all year long (why isn’t it!?).



During the Holidays at my parents home, we always have Christmas music playing softly in the background as we do our Christmas baking, host Christmas parties, and set up our tree. During this time of year though, it is appropriate to pop in some headphones and listen to some Holiday carols no matter what you are doing! It will make that chilly walk to work or school so much better, trust me. Or blast it through your home speakers and have a holiday dance party, I won’t judge.



Don’t let Lily’s resting sad face fool you, she loves Christmas music.


I have always hunted high and low for the perfect Christmas playlist, before realizing this year that I could just make my own! So here are all of my favourite songs to get you in the Holiday Spirit. To be honest, I often get really really excited for Christmas in the summer (even celebrated Christmas in July once). I actually started making this playlist in August…



Let me know of any of your favourite holiday songs that I might have forgotten!



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