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I am a huge Harry Potter fan. The first real novel I ever read was the Prisoner of Azkaban when I was in the second grade. Most people would start with the first book right? Well, not me. There was a book I wanted from the book order but it came in a bundle with some other books. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was one of those books. That fateful pairing created a lifelong love for the series.


So you want to buy something for the Harry Potter lover in your life? This carefully curated gift guide is the perfect place to start!


Sorting Hat Bathbomb  

Curious what house you belong to? Don’t trust the sorting hat on Pottermore? Why not let this bath bomb sort you into your house! These bath bombs appear white, but once added to your bath will reveal a colour which will sort you into your Hogwarts House!



Dementor Laptop Decal

I don’t have an Apple laptop anymore, but if I did I would buy this decal in a heartbeat. Not only is this dementor super creepy, but the stag Patronus lights up because of the apple logo underneath!


Wax Stamp Kit

What better way to seal your letter before sending it off with your owl than with a wax seal. This kit includes a stamp, different coloured wax, a melting spoon and a gift box. As for the design of the stamp, you can choose from Hogwarts or Gryffindor.



Butterbeer Candle

This Harry Potter inspired soy candle smells of buttered rum, spices, and vanilla. These candles have a 70 to 75 hour burn time They definitely get bonus points from me for their use of Lumos in the design and for the fact that the container doubles as a drinking glass when your candle is gone. Just remember to clean out the leftover wax with warm water and soap.



Check out Highland Bluff Studio’s shop to check out all of their other scents! Other fun flavours include Flourish & Blotts, Dark Magic, and Quidditch Pitch. They also have a special Hogwarts Holiday scent!


Potion Master Trunk

This dark green trunk is the perfect place to store all of you wizarding books and supplies. This trunk includes all-weather stickers, Wizard Wonder Beans, a Professor wand with an unbreakable charm and a unique lining and paint style specifically for a potions professor.



Note that this is a large purchase and depending on your location shipping will cost a fair few galleons.


Christmas Sweater

Sad you don’t have a Molly Weasley in your life to make you your own Christmas jumper? This sweater is the next best thing! This is sure to be a hit at any Christmas party and will lowkey let all other Harry Potter lovers know that you are one of them (also that you like Home Alone…)



Hogwarts House Blend Teas

The perfect gift for your little book lover that loves to curl up with a cup of tea. These four unique tea blends represent each of the four houses.



Note: in order to make sure they come before Christmas order before December 5th!


Hogwarts Mug

This handmade mug is made with a rustic looking red clay and has the Hogwarts crest on the side. This is the perfect mug to hold your Hogwart’s House Tea!



Potion Pillow

These stylish pillows would make the perfect accent in any room without being over the top Harry Potter. Have a favourite potion? They have the perfect pillow! My personal favourite is the Felix Felicis pillow because everyone could use some liquid luck now and again.



Wand Makeup Brushes

These magical makeup brushes are so adorable. The perfect gift for the makeup obsessed witch or wizard in your life. Note that I can’t speak for the quality of these makeup brushes, but I think they are pretty cute nonetheless.



Wooden Christmas Ornaments 

This set of 6 wooden, handmade ornaments are very affordable! Personally, I love the sorting hat but I know my mother would love the dark mark (she is such a Slytherin).



Set of Movie Posters

These Harry Potter-inspired movie posters are adorable! They include the movie name, artists name, the year it debuted, and a scene from the film.



The best thing about this post? All of these items can be purchased on Etsy, so instead of supporting huge box stores this holiday season, you will be supporting small businesses!


Tell me fellow Potter Heads, what is the best HP themed gift you have ever received?

Happy Christmas!




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