Canadian Guide to Holiday Coffee

Hey folks, Allie here again.

I’m a coffee fanatic, and when Christmas rolls around, you bet I’m on top of the best and boldest holiday blends. I put together a list of a few of my favourite holiday blends, so you can take the guesswork out of starting your morning right this winter season.

I find it super difficult to brew the perfect cup because my soy milk tends to curdle. But these blends all go well with room temperature soy milk (or normal milk if that is your thing). Soy milk can curdle for so many reasons, so we will save that for another post! 



Note: I used the Chemex to brew these blends. When ordering, make sure you get your coffee ground to suit the method you brew with.


Java Works Coffee Holiday Blend

First of all, praise goes out to Java Works for making a Holiday Blend that doesn’t curdle with my soy milk. 

The Holiday Blend is a limited edition blend of exotic coffees from Latin America, Africa and Indonesia. It has a rich, sweet taste and smells like Christmas in a cup. Bonus: it comes in a zipper-sealed bag, which is handy for people like me who are too lazy to properly close a regular bag or put in into a sealed container.

The Java Works Roastery is located in Mississauga Ontario. They also have other holiday flavours, such as Christmas Cookie and Candycane Mocha.



Salt Springs Coffee Holiday Blend

The Salt Springs Coffee Holiday Blend is a roasted medium-dark roast from Mexico and Uganda. It has a rich, bold taste with a smooth chocolate finish.

This coffee smells like caramel and nuts – two of the best coffee smells you could ask for.  I love this blend because it’s best-tested brewing method names the Chemex as the winner. I like to add a little bit of chocolate soy milk to this one – such a great start to those chilly December mornings.

Salt Springs is located in  Richmond, British Columbia – a long trek from us out here in Nova Scotia, but definitely a winner.



Social Coffee & Tea Co. Holiday Blend

The Holiday Blend from Social Coffee & Tea Co. is sweet and smooth. It’s a medium roast from Kenya and Brazil.

I like a sweet coffee, and this one is sweet without tasting too acidic. I didn’t even have to add sugar, which is a big deal for sugar addicts like me. There’s never any coffee left when I make a pot of this one – the chocolate, caramel taste makes it hard to say no to a second cup. A+ for sure. 

Social Coffee & Tea Co is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. 



Acadian Maple’s Maple Cinnamon Blend

Lastly, from our local area, Acadian Maple’s Maple Cinnamon Blend. This one is actually a year-round blend (yay!), but it tastes even better during the chilly holiday season.

This blend is especially good with a bit of brown sugar. It will make your kitchen smell like sweet maple and cinnamon (and sort of reminds me of walking by Cinnabon in the mall while Christmas shopping). 

This coffee is roasted with only 100% Arabica beans. It’s great as a start to your day, or to end it. It also makes a great Nova Scotian stocking stuffer!




Let us know if you try out any of these blends, and how you like them. They also make a great gift for all the coffee-lovers in your life. (Hint, Hint, Sam).

Happy brewing!



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