How to Have a Great Trip Without Leaving the Hotel!


I love to travel! I mean that is a given right? There are constantly new places to explore. But, travelling can be exhausting. That’s why every so often we decided to spend an entire weekend relaxing at the hotel and not leave. It gives us time to rest, which allows us to better enjoy our next great adventure. It also helps when the hotel is amazing!


We were lucky enough to stay at the Cambria Hotel LAX and we had the most lovely stay. The hotel is located in El Segundo,  just a short drive from the LAX airport. The hotel is brand new, modern, and luxurious but also super affordable. The Cambria Hotel had everything we needed, so we were able to hang up our car keys, kick up our feet, and totally unwind for a stress-free weekend.



The room was absolutely amazing. It was bright, modern, and beautifully decorated. My favourite feature was definitely the mirrors – the bathroom one was Bluetooth compatible so you could play music on it! And a mirror in the bedroom had a city skyline across with a built-in light. SO cool, right?



When a hotel room is this nice, I never want to leave. Take advantage of a nice place to rest! We ate in our room, cuddled up and watched shows in the evening on the large flat screen TV, and had a few glasses of wine lounging on the sofa.




One of the best things about California: it’s always sunny. We spent a good amount of time soaking up the sun on the pool deck.  We made the BEST decision ever and bought two floaties for a steal of a deal – $7.50. So much time was spent lounging in the water, playing on the floaties, and reading some good books.





We always take advantage of room service and in hotel restaurants and bars. This allowed us to really relax because weren’t worried about driving somewhere or finding a place to go (we are very indecisive). We took advantage of happy hour had some amazing drinks and cheap snacks. In the morning we grabbed breakfast at the restaurant and ate it out in the sunshine. 





Finally, we always ask for late checkout. There is no harm in asking and hotels almost always say yes. This gives us time to pack up in the morning without feeling rushed. It also lets Allie have her morning coffee in the bed.



We love exploring new places and our stay at the Cambria LAX was one of our best California hotel adventures yet.

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