IKEA Wishlist

Living Room Edition




Confession time… I have never shopped at IKEA before. Upon hearing that most people gasp in shock, but I have just never had an opportunity to go! IKEA opened in Dartmouth last month, but before that, the nearest one was in Montreal, a 19-hour drive away. I have travelled to places that have an IKEA before, but there isn’t much use in going if you can’t bring anything home with you.


I am so excited that IKEA has opened close by, and it happens to coincide perfectly with Allie and I’s home reno plans. We live in an amazing Victorian home that is in need of a little TLC. Most of our furniture we received for free and/or used, so we are excited to buy some new furniture for the first time.


Currently, our least favourite room in our home is our living room. Our landlord painted the walls a grey that is so dark it is edging into black territory. Even with our large windows this dark paint sucks up the sunlight and puts the room in a never-ending state of darkness. The first step in redoing our living room will have to be painting it white. In the meantime here are 10 IKEA items I am completely obsessed with and can already envision in our new and improved room.




Time for another confession: I have no idea how old our current couch is. My girlfriend has had it for a few years and she got it from a friend of hers who was moving. Before that, the couch had actually lived in his parents basement. The insane flower print makes it pretty obvious that this sofa has been around for a long time. We need to keep a couch cover on it at all times to keep it from burning a hole in anyone’s retina…


This dark grey corner sofa is the couch of my dreams. I love the clean lines and minimalistic feel along with the neutral colour. I feel like this couch would go perfect with anything. One huge selling point is that it converts into a bed, meaning more sleeping room for guests (a must in our home). On top of that, the lounge section opens up to provide extra storage!





I am mildly obsessed with cozy blankets. This grey knit blanket would make the perfect thing to keep in the living room for when things get chilly.





Allie and I don’t really use overhead lighting much. It is either super harsh or super yellow and with our high ceilings and large rooms, overhead lighting just doesn’t do the trick. This bronze floor lamp is the perfect modern lamp to light up the room.





I am currently obsessed with wicker baskets. I can picture this basket next to our couch. I feel like it is the perfect element to hold all of our little mismatch things like remotes and books. To be honest, I will probably buy a few of these.



5. VINTER 2017 


Faux fur pillows is a trend I can completely get behind. It is about to be winter and I feel like this cozy grey pillow would look great in our living room. Faux fur is a really fun style element to play with and can make space look more inviting and comfortable.





I have been admiring large round mirrors for a while now. I think that circle mirrors are a lot more eye-catching and trendy than more traditional rectangle mirrors, making it both decorative and functional. A mirror is also a great way to open up any space and make it seem larger.





We have carpeting in our living room, which is great for our downstairs neighbours since we have a big golden retriever bouncing around. I’m not a huge fan of our carpet though and like to hide it whenever possible. I love the neutral colours and the simplistic design of this rug.





I have been dreaming of a bar cart ever since we moved into our home last year. The idea of a bar cart feels very sophisticated and the perfect thing for hosting friends. Sadly, a lot of bar carts are ridiculously expensive. This simple white utility cart is extremely affordable and would be easy to dress up into the bar cart of your dreams.



9. STOCKHOLM 2017 


This floor poof can double as both a footstool and extra seating for hosting get-togethers. Allie has always been obsessed with multipurpose items and it has definitely worn off on me.





This TV stand gives me both really modern and slightly vintage vibes. Like something my family would have owned in the 80’s (no? Just me?). I love that the bottom storage section is hidden with cupboards. I prefer functional things to be hidden away and less crowded to let the eye move easily around the room. There is nothing that bugs me more than all of the wires in our current living room set up that I just can’t hide.


So, can you tell that we are both totally obsessed with neutral colours at the moment? I feel like it allows for more seasonal accent colours to be added and removed with ease!


This is my first wishlist/product guide type post, so let me know how I have done! I really want to do more of these in the future, especially for the fast approaching holiday season.



  1. October 30, 2017 / 2:45 am

    IKEA is amazing! I hope you get a chance to visit someday. Even if you aren’t there to buy anything, it’s so fun to look around and try out their couches on display! As for your dark living room, maybe you can cover it with mirrors (like the Sundane!) or bright picture frames?!


    • October 30, 2017 / 8:59 pm

      I actually ended up going on the weekend! I got the cart off this list but the rest were random purchases. It is hard to practice self control there! Also what a great idea. We should totally use more mirrors in the room to lighten it up.

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