January 2018: My Favourite Things

My Favourite Products of January 


I can’t believe that the first month of 2018 is already coming to an end! It has really flown by. Allie and I have so many fun collabs and projects in the works and they have been keeping us BUSY. Add to that our new family member, Ferguson, our house is as chaotic as it’s ever been, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are really reaching for our dreams so far this year and I am so proud of all the things we have accomplished already in the new year.


Photo from our January lifestyle shoot with Dave and Pring!


This year I want to start sharing my favourite products each month. I try so many new things and often fall in love, so this gives me the perfect avenue to pass those favourites on to you!


Skinfix Calming & Repairing Night Mask

I am really bad at sticking to a skincare routine, but I try to use the Skinfix Calming & Repairing Night Mask every night. Winter in Canada can be extremely hard on your skin. Mine is especially prone to scaling and eczema if I don’t take proper care of it.  I find this night mask hydrating and when I wake up my skin looks amazing!



Teapigs Rooibos Creme Caramel Tea

The Rooibos Creme Caramel Tea from Teapigs is probably my favourite tea ever. It’s caffeine free so great to drink in the evenings. There are chunks of caramel in the tea bag, which make it more like a yummy dessert than a tea! 



Lush Pink Bath Bomb 

I am a huge bath lover and the Pink bath bomb from Lush is my favourite bath bomb so far. The vanilla smell was delicious and it turned the bath a lovely shade of sparkly pink.



Yellow Tail BubblesSparkling Wine

This month I had a lovely brunch with some friends of mine, and no brunch would be complete without mimosas. To be completely honest, we don’t have the money to spend on fancy sparkling wines or champagne! This Yellow Tail Bubbles sparkling wine is the perfect budget wine. Best part: it has a resealable cork so if you don’t drink the whole bottle in one go, you can save it without having to worry about it losing its fizz.


Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Rising Star 

I wrote an entire post reviewing the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips matte liquid lipsticks and my obsession is real. Rising Star is the perfect warm pink for my skin tone and is my go-to everyday shade.



Grey Scarf by Nakd

Winter in Canada is chilly, no one can deny it. I wear this grey scarf from Nakd on the regular and have gotten so many compliments on it! Personally, I love its minimalist, neutral vibe (and the extra layer of warmth of course).


Photo by the amazing Alexa Cude. Check out her Instagram here!

Work Out Outfit by Stronger

I’ve been trying to work out more! I joined a running club and have a yoga membership that I’m itching to use. This sports bra and leggings combo from Swedish company Stronger inspires me to hit the gym. I got this combo in the pattern Vietnam. I love the tropical feel but they are also super high quality. They both really hold me in and make me feel secure! 



What items have you been loving this month? I would love to hear in the comment section below!



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