June is Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month to all of my fellow LGBTQ+ folks out there! This month will be full of celebrations and being out, proud, and fabulous. As a femme lesbian, this month is so special to me and my amazing girlfriend.



This month marks the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots. We as a people and as a society have come so far, but we still have far to go. Remember amongst all of the pride parades and festivals that the original pride was a riot. Remember those who fought so hard for our rights. Thank them for fighting against homophobia and discrimination.



And to all the little gays and those in the closet, remember that it is okay to be different. Love who you are and love who you love. Coming out takes time and it’s a process that doesn’t need to be rushed. Just do you, boo.



Be proud

Be happy

Be safe

Be loved



And if you spot us at any of the Prides in California this month stop and say hi!!


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