What I Learned from “Get Your Sh*t Together”

Last year Sarah Knight wrote the best selling book “The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck”. Sarah is an anti-guru who writes books for people who hate self-help books. 



Get Your Sh*t Together” is the sequel that teaches all about organizing your life. It doesn’t focus so much on material things but dives into mental organization. I am the most mentally (and physically) disorganized person, so this book was much needed. She describes it as “not a traditional self-help book. It’s more of a let-me-help-you-help-yourself-help book”


With a title like that you obviously expect swearing and to my amazement, she managed to use the word shit 332 times. Woah.


Sounds pretty good right? But what (if anything) did I actually gain from reading this book?


PRIORITIZING MY TO DO LIST. To do lists are something that I have always tried and never stuck with. They sound like a great idea, but I am the biggest procrastinator and my to do list normally just keeps growing and growing. Her tips for prioritizing my to do list were pretty life changing.


I learned to IDENTIFY MY GOALS and to clearly lay out my strategy for how I will get there. Then she teaches how to FOCUS and COMMITIt is easy to get overwhelmed in trying to achieve something big. She explains that every big goal can be more easily managed by breaking it up into smaller goals. 


I learned to DEAL WITH MY OVERFLOWING INBOX. I hate deleting emails. To be honest with you I don’t even bother to look at most of the emails I get. I have no clue why I sign up for so many subscriptions and why I haven’t unsubscribed yet. They clutter my inbox and stress me out. I learned how to divide it into small chunks in order to attack the mountain of emails waiting for me.


I think that I am in a pretty great relationship, but this book actually taught me some skills to make it even better. That’s always good, right?


Get Your Sh*t Together is such a practical book. Sarah doesn’t shame you into feeling like a crappy person for not having your shit together, I mean she didn’t at one point. She also isn’t promising a path to enlightenment. She is just helping you see how you could improve your life with a little work.


I find Sarah extremely inspiring. She quit her corporate job, built a house in the Caribbean, and is now a freelance writer. I mean, this lady seriously has her shit together.


“Get Your Sh*t Together” honestly helped me get my shit together. I’ve been implementing so many of her tips and tricks and my life has been so much easier because of it. Sure, I still have stuff to work on, but that’s just life.



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