Los Angeles Pride


June is Pride Month, which means there are seemingly endless pride festivals and celebrations to attend. Los Angeles is known for having a huge Pride celebration in West Hollywood and with us being in California, this was an opportunity that we could not miss.


We drove into LA for the weekend from Orange County and stayed at the Hollywood Hotel (read more about that experience here). We got to spend a day exploring Hollywood before participating in the Pride festivities.



I wore a shirt from my friend Jessi’s Halifax-based company Shift Imprints. I have two of these “my mom knows” tanks, one in red and one in black, AND a rainbow sticker on my computer, so safe to say I love the message. Spoiler alert: my mom knows and she is awesome.



I also bought a rainbow flower crown made with real flowers from a street vendor on route. This turned out to be the best investment of the day and I am so glad I got it. I am currently trying to dry out the flowers to save them, but that’s probably not something I can take over the border right? Allie decided to steal my crown part way through but it looked equally good on her. 



We decided to head to the Pride festival pretty early in the day (I think we arrived around 2pm and doors opened at noon) in order to fully soak up the day. When we got there the line was spretty long and took about 20 minutes to get in even with having our tickets in advance.



We had never been to a pride festival of this size before and it was so overwhelming in the best way! There were 3 music stages, tons of tents with different organizations, and SO many people.


I also have a deep love for food trucks that has been unsatisfied in California. Missing them makes me long for Halifax summers. There was one food truck at the festival though that made the most amazing waffles and I will dream about them forever.



One of the most exciting parts for me was meeting other AMAZING LGBT+ Youtubers and Influencers (or spotting them from a distance because sometimes I am a little shy). We got to meet the amazing couple Sam and Alyssa, Aussie Amy Ordman,  and long time Youtuber Arielle Scarcella. LGBTQ+ Youtubers had such a huge impact on me when I was coming out and I am so grateful for them! I also spied some of the ladies from Buzzfeed’s Ladylike and the Try Guys.





One of the coolest musical performances we saw had to be Aaron Carter. What 90’s kid didn’t love his hit Aaron’s Party right!?


Thank you to all of the amazing humans we got to meet. Everyone was unbelievably kind and fun. Fingers crossed we can go to another LA Pride in the future!



If you want to watch our vlog about our LA Pride experience click here!


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