Love Affair with Crystals


I grew up in a fairly alternative household. My parents had (and still have) crystals EVERYWHERE and to be completely honest, I could care less about them. My poor mother tried to share her passion with me but I never understood the obsession. Fast forward a few years and now I am equally obsessed.



My collection is quickly growing and includes crystals of all shapes, sizes, colours, and types. Most of my collection is placed around our home as decor. No one can deny that they are insanely beautiful and I get so caught up in the fact that nature made them (how amazing is that!?)

My jewelry collection also features a few stunning stones. My favourites are my crystal point pendants. A pet peeve of mine is when people buy plastic pendants instead of the real thing… Pro tip: buying the real crystal is normally cheaper than your plastic version from Urban Outfitters.



I don’t see this love affair with crystals ending anytime soon.





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