Exploring Newport Beach

I have dreamed of going to Newport Beach ever since my obsession with the show The OC as a preteen. Summer Roberts and Seth Cohen are like THE perfect couple. As soon as I found out we were going to Orange County I knew that Newport was a must see, so for our first California weekend that’s what we did!



We decided to road trip from where we are staying to Newport Beach, taking the Pacific Coast Highway. The amazing people we are staying with lent us their car, so this saved us some cash. We decided on the Pacific Coast Highway because it is the perfect scenic route and allows you to skip the insane million-lane highway heading towards LA. My girlfriend, Allie, is amazing, but not the most confident driver, so this was the best option for us.


Our first stop was Urth Caffe in Laguna Beach for breakfast. Urth is an adorable organic and sustainable cafe and totally worth the short wait it took us to get in. Every time we have driven by since there has been a line, so it may be unavoidable. Our speciality coffees were to die for and the baked goods tasted so fresh. They warmed up our sticky buns for us- YUM and you get to choose the caffeine level, mild, strong or decaf, for your drink. Allie decided on a drink with four shots with strong caffeine (she’s coffee crazy). If you are in the area I would completely recommend stopping by for a treat.



We hoped back in the car and it sadly started to rain… What a bummer right? You go somewhere warm to lay on the beach and of course, it has to rain. So we decided to go to the highly talked about Fashion Island and shop before heading to our Airbnb.


If you are travelling anywhere that Airbnb is available I think you should always check it out! In most countries I have travelled to, Airbnb is an option. It’s much cheaper than hotels and you can snag some amazing finds. In California, Airbnb is not always a thrifty alternative and a hotel may be a better pick. COMPARE! If you’re interested and want $50 Canadian to use towards your first Airbnb stay use this link.


We stayed at an Airbnb right on the Balboa Peninsula. The pictures did not do this place justice because it was so darn cute! You could even see the beach from our patio and it was covered in the cutest little succulents! How perfect is that? 



We then spent the afternoon chasing the sun and wandering the sands of Newport Beach.




We ended up walking out onto Balboa Pier and having dinner at the Ruby’s Diner located at the very end of the pier. It was such an interesting experience to be surrounded by water for as far as your eye can see while you eat.



Fast forward to our next day and we were lucky enough to spend the day walking the boardwalk and visiting an adorable farmer’s market before heading out. Nothing is better than fresh flowers and local produce.


We for sure need to come back to this adorable seaside city.

If you want to watch a vlog of our trip you can check it out here!

Disclaimer: By using our Airbnb link you save $50 Canadian on your first Airbnb booking and we receive a travel credit to put towards future Airbnb stays. This would help us on your California adventures!

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