San Diego Travel Guide

What to do


La Jolla


We went to La Jolla with a goal: see the sea lions. This mission was easily accomplished. There were sea lions and seals everywhere (Allie wanted to befriend them all). It was so cute to watch them play and sun bathe, but don’t get too close! They are wild animals and we actually witnessed them chase a lady who pressed her luck with them.



We also got to experience tons of natural beauty while in La Jolla. They have massive sea caves that you can tour, but we decided to just look at the cliffs from afar. It is a breathtaking area.



La Jolla Cove is a tiny little beach in La Jolla with crystal clear waters filled with people kayaking, snorkelling and diving. You can spy lots of sea lions swimming in the waters just off of the beach and we saw lots of brave snorkel head out to meet them.


Italian Farmers Market

Our lovely friend took us to this adorable farmer’s market in Little Italy. It happens every Saturday of the year, rain or shine from 8 am to 2 pm the streets close in Little Italy and become lined with vendors. The vendor options are seemingly endless. You can get everything from fresh produce to delicious treats to clothing to flowers. This is the best farmers market we have attended in California so far!




It is impossible to walk by Pigment and not go inside. Pigment is an adorable little boutique filled with unique artisan gifts. It took everything in my power not to buy half of the store, but I couldn’t resist grabbing some gifts for Allie’s upcoming birthday here.


Pigment even has its own build your own terrarium area filled with gorgeous succulents and unique plant holders. If we could bring plants into Canada I would totally help furnish our little home with plants from here!


Torrey Pines Beach

Torrey Pines Beach is located just north of La Jolla. This sandy beach stretches for miles, so we walked it until our legs were tired and bellies were hungry. The cliffs here are amazing. They are a unique yellow/orange colour that I have only ever seen in Australia! When we reached what looked like the end of the beach our local friend and tour guide told us to climb up the cliff a bit and go around and I am so glad we did. The beach we reached only had a hand full of people on its sprawling shores, so we stopped, picnicked, and took photos before walking the long walk back to where we parked.



If you are on the adventurous side there is also a hike in Torrey Pines that people rave about!


Where to eat


Communal Coffee

Communal Coffee is a must see San Diego stop. We went on our first weekend trip to San Diego (read about that trip here), and have since been back a couple of times. It does not disappoint!



Communal Coffee is connected to a flower shop, Native Poppy, and they do some amazing flower infused coffees. Get a late flight to try all of them at once! Communal Coffee has delicious, craft coffee in an impeccably designed space. There is no way you could stop here and not snap a photo for your Instagram feed.


Native Poppy is also a place you should add to your San Diego bucket list. The flowers are a little on the pricey side but they are pure beauty. There whimsy style of floral arranging is exactly what I imagine at our (one day) wedding.



Dunedin North Park

Dunedin North Park is a New Zealand themed restaurant with delicious drinks and plates. I am a stickler for anywhere that serves a good veggie burger and this place does. We also splurged and got the portobello fries. How was this the first time I had heard of them? They are absolutely amazing. You must try a glass of their Sangria (or two). They have a huge selection of fruity wine drinks to chose from. 


San Diego is such a fun city with tons to do. I have visited there twice while on our California adventures and still there is so much I want to see and experience. If you are going to California you must make time to explore all that San Diego has to offer.



What is on your San Diego travel bucket list?


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