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Funny Gifts for People You Don’t Know Well



It’s that time of year again! The time when you sometimes have to get gifts for people you don’t know very well. Maybe you are taking part in Secret Santa at work or the White Elephant exchange game? Here are some fun gift ideas for those hard to buy for people!


All of these items are available in both Canada and the US from online mega-retailer Amazon. The best part? All of these items are less than $20, so you can get them something fun without breaking the bank.


1. Unicorn Tape Dispenser

USA – $10.40 | Canada – $14.31

This magical unicorn tape dispenser comes complete with rainbow tape.



2. “I Put the Lit in Literature” Shakespeare Mug

USA – $14.98 | Canada $13.79

Who doesn’t love Shakespeare? This mug would look fabulous on your coworker’s desk, especially if they happen to be a librarian or an English teacher! If you are looking for a fun gift for your teacher actually, this would totally be it.


3. Pickle Bandaids

USA – $5.00 | Canada $10.77 

These pickle shaped band-aids made it onto my list party because of my love of dill pickles.


4. Nessie Soup Ladle

USA – $6.99 for a set of two | Canada – $12.50 for a set of three

This adorable soup ladle would be the perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen. This is a self-standing ladle, so it can stand in the pot and peak over the edge at everyone in the kitchen.



5. Cats are Weird and More Observations Book

USA – $13.00 | Canada – $14.63 

Know a cat lover or someone that thinks hats are hilarious. This is a book of black and white comic strips by cartoonist Jeffrey Brown.



6. Sushi USB Drive

USA – $11.99 | Canada – $10.99 

Everyone these days are sushi lovers, right? This fun USB drive looks shockingly realistic and holds 8GB of files. This would make the perfect gift for your office coworker and guarantees they won’t lose it.



7. Floppy Disk Coasters

USA – $15.99 (6) | Canada – $16.99 (4)

This set floppy disk coasters. These coasters are so retro, I bet there are people alive now who don’t even know what a floppy disk is…



8. WTF Nifty Notepad

USA – $5.30 | Canada – $10.49

This WTF Nifty Notepad is perfect for those “what just happened” moments. I actually love these notepads and if you look around there are actually tons of versions! My personal favourite is the intoxication citation.



9. World’s Okayest Employee Mug

USA – $13.99 | Canada – $17.59 

You can only give this to a co-worker or friend with a good sense of humour because otherwise, they might get offended. Personally, I think this is a hilarious gag gift for your work friend.



10. Cute Cat Butt Purse

USA – $13.99 | Canada – $15.94

I am laughing just thinking of someone opening this during a game of White Elephant. This plush purse is shaped like a cat’s bum including cute pink paws, a little tail, and testicles and is available in 3 colours.



So tell me, what is the best gift a secret Santa has ever given you?


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