Strawberry Rosé Spritzer

We recently went to Palm Springs to brave the heat and explore the desert. It was amazing but extremely hot! It was around 42 ℃ each day so we spent a lot of time by the pool at our amazing hotel, The Calla Lily. But what is a pool day without a refreshing drink in your hand?


Allie is allergic to most tropical fruits and has now developed a sensitivity to citrus. This makes finding a fun fruity drink extremely difficult! Rather than have our weekend ruined by her having a reaction, I decided to create a drink of our own – a Strawberry Rosé Spritzer.




  • Fresh strawberries
  • Sparkling water
  • Rosé wine – (I used a white zinfandel but you can use any rosé of your choice)
  • Skyy Infusions Wild Strawberry Vodka




  1. Cut strawberries. Whole strawberries won’t infuse any extra flavour to your drink.
  2. Add strawberries and ice into your glass.
  3. Add a shot of the infused vodka.
  4. Fill to your heart’s desire with rosé and sparkling waterI definitely added more rosé than sparkling water, but do whatever ratio you prefer!





I am extremely proud of how this drink turned out! It was so delicious and the perfect poolside drink. Our room at The Calla Lily came fully stocked and with a kitchenette, so we didn’t have to bring any supplies, just our ingredients. There is nothing worse than getting to a hotel and realizing that there’s no wine cork!


If you try out this recipe let me know! I would love to know how it turns out.





Thanks to my beautiful lady, Allie Conway, for taking such fab pictures for me. Couldn’t do it without you lovely!


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