The Anti-Mall



aka Instagram Heaven

The Lab is often referred to as the anti-mall and can be found in Costa Mesa, California. When we were in Costa Mesa we also explored the real mall and woah… These two places are complete opposites. 



South Coast Plaza is the “real mall”. This place is luxury at its finest with every store being high end. Any fancy brand you have heard of you will find in this mall. There is security EVERYWHERE. They have to make sure no one shoplifts anything costs as much as a house right?. There is even a full-size carousel inside for the young and young at heart. Talk about extravagant, right?


Understandably, many people don’t fit in or feel accepted at this high-end mall. Heck, most people can’t even buy what they are selling. An alternative was needed and in steped The Lab.



Fun fact, LAB actually stand for Little American Business, which is very fitting for this quirky group of unique shops and cool food spots. It is an indoor-outdoor (anti) mall with an industrial feel. The building was originally a night vision goggle factory. Everything about The Lab is super trendy and a hipster’s paradise. It is also the perfect spot to take your Instagram pics.




One of our favourite stops at The Lab was Cafecito Organico. We hung out at this chill cafe to beat the heat with a nice cup of coffee to re-energize us.



We did some shopping at the well known and well loved Urban Outfitters and grabbed some stunning preloved dresses from Buffalo Exchange for a steal of a deal! There was also the most adorable children’s store Little Penguin Shop where our hearts exploded with cuteness. We wanted to buy everything for all the tiny humans in our lives. 



This place is full of cool art installations to admire and even has swinging benches!! It makes for a perfect hangout spot.




If you want to experience something different you need to check out The Lab (anti-mall) if you find yourself in Costa Mesa. Check it out on Instagram for some serious photo inspiration as well!



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