Visiting Hollywood


Hollywood is iconic. I have dreamed of visiting this magical place for as long as I can remember. I  even had a phase growing up where I thought I was obviously destined to be a superstar that would undoubtedly grace the streets of Hollywood (don’t all kids?). I mean EVERYONE famous lives in Hollywood right? It’s the epicentre of the film and TV industries.


Exploring Hollywood has been on my top list of things to do while in California and I am so happy that we get to check this one off the list.



We were lucky enough to stay at the Hollywood Hotel, located in East Hollywood just off of Santa Monica Boulevard. They were kind enough to allow us to check in early, which was a lifesaver after driving all the way up from Orange County.


The first thing I thought when we pulled up was that this place feels so safe! Being from the Maritimes everything is so small and quaint, even Halifax isn’t that crazy of a city. Los Angeles is huge! There were people everywhere and I was a little overwhelmed. The hotel is stunning and the fact that it is gated gives you a bit of security if you’re a little scared of big cities like me.


Our room was STUNNING. The decor was so modern and like something you would see on Pinterest. They are currently in the process of updating all of their guest rooms to look as amazing this one, and wow, is the hard work worth it.




We decided to park the car at the hotel and Uber everywhere. We didn’t want to have to struggle with directions, parking, or traffic and I am so glad we made this decision. I wish Halifax had Uber! It makes getting places so much easier and it’s cheap. Basically, it’s like a taxi but way better. Use this link to get your first Uber ride for free (or use the code alliec2485ue).


Our first adventure was to Hollywood Boulevard to see the Walk of Fame. It was so cool to see all of the stars! My personal favourite we saw was Daniel Radcliff’s. The one downside: they are hard to see because of all of the people walking on them and buskers standing on them.




We also decided to check out some of the shops (because why not?). We went to Hollywood and Highland, which was so much fun. It was surprisingly quiet compared to the street and gave us some room to breathe. There also was a 75-foot tall sarcophagus there to promote the movie the Mummy. From the sarcophagus, we were also able to see the Hollywood sign! It was kind of small though from where we were and we couldn’t get a photo to do it justice sadly. 



We hopped back in another Uber to get back to the Hollywood Hotel in time for drinks and appetizers in the hotel courtyard. I am so glad we decided to do this. We both had a lovely glass of Rosé (one day too early for National Rosé Day but, oh well) and snacked on some complimentary apps. It was so nice to just relax and chat next to the beautiful fountain after a busy day.





Thank you so much to the Hollywood Hotel for having us! We had an amazing stay and will totally be back in the future.



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