Ways to Help Others Over the Holidays

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When I was in high school I decided that I wanted to sponsor an angel through the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. I have done it every year since and I am so glad I have! It fills me with joy to know that a child somewhere is going to get things off of their Christmas list.


Christmas is a great time to practice generosity and selflessness and give to those in need. If you are in a place where you can help other financially that is amazing! If you don’t, fear not, this list includes ideas for every price range.


Ways to Help Others Over the Holidays


Donate toys to a toy drive

This is my favourite way to give back! Children are just so innocent and deserving of Christmas cheer.


Give gift cards to those in need

This can be a good gift for homeless people.


Hold the door for someone

In Canada, we normally hold the door for people, but alternatively, you could help someone with their bags!


Put your change in a Salvation Army bucket

A little bit of change can really add up if lots of people donate!


Bring baked goods to a neighbour

Maybe you have a neighbour that is a busy single mom or an elderly neighbour. They will appreciate it!


Adopt a family

There are different ways you can adopt a family. You can donate food, gifts, or money, but this is one of the pricier options on the list!


Pay for the person behind you in line

This will completely make their day and you might even start a trend! This is especially easy to do in a drive-through.


Give a genuine compliment

Be kind!


Donate your time and volunteer!

This doesn’t cost you anything and there are so many causes you can volunteer for. Pick something that is near to your heart.


Visit a nursing home

Spending time with the elderly is one of the nicest things to do over the holiday season, even if you just go to sit with them and have a chat!


Donate winter gear and coats to those in need

This is especially useful if you live in a cold climate like Canada!


Collect cans for a food drive

You can normally find drop off areas for non-perishable foods in supermarkets and stores!


Call a friend you don’t talk to enough

I think everyone who has a friend that they wish they could talk to more! If not, call a family member and let them know you love them!


Smile at a stranger

An easy way to light up someone’s day.


Donate blood

Save a life this Christmas by donating blood.


Send a thank you note

Do you have someone that inspires you? Let them know! Do you have someone who always goes above and beyond the call of duty? Thank them! We really don’t send enough thank you notes as a society.


Donate to your local SPCA

They are most likely in need of food, blankets, and cat litter, but check with your local chapter.


Leave a large tip

Working in the service industry is very hard. Why not show you appreciate them by leaving a large tip this Holiday season?


What is your favourite way to give back? Let me know in the comment section below!

Merry Christmas!


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