Why I went Vegetarian

It has been nearly 2 years since I went vegetarian and the time has flown by! I have recently been reflecting on why I went vegetarian and I wanted to share my story.

It all started with the documentary Earthlings. My girlfriend had been trying to convince me for a year to go vegetarian like her, but I was deadset in my ways. I grew up eating meat and I thought that it was the best thing for my health. After watching this documentary I went vegetarian overnight.



I have always been an empathetic person and this documentary pulled on my heartstrings in a way nothing else ever could. How can you call yourself an animal lover and not care about the torturous conditions that animals go through before they reach our plates? This is something that I have always struggled with. There is an obvious disconnect between people and the food they eat. People can call themselves animal lovers and in the same breath take a bite of a burger. How do you love some animals so much (like your dog) and not about the animal that is on your plate? The life that animal has been forced to live, the abuse it has been forced to suffer, and the tragic death of this animal should matter! But this is a rant for another day. 



That was all it took. One night and one movie to open up my eyes forever. Now, I don’t see me eating another piece of meat for as long as I live and I am so glad!! 


A little while later I decided to go vegan, which has been more of a struggle for me. I don’t want to eat any animal products, but my self-control is not always the best. I struggle going out to eat and not being able to find something more than leaves in a bowl (normally without dressing) in order for something to be vegan unless we search to find somewhere vegan. This can be really hard when we are travelling especially. At home, however, we eat very much a vegan diet.


I know that this would infuriate some vegans but I think it is more important to do what you can than do nothing at all!


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