My Work Space: Desk Tour

Confession time, I am a bit lazy so I try to get away with working from bed all the time.

“But Sam, that doesn’t seem like a problem to me. Cozy, comfy what isn’t to love?” you say?

Well dear reader, when I work from bed it is almost too comfy and cozy. It makes me feel sleepy and I don’t produce my best work. It also has probably been contributing to my love-hate relationship with sleep these past 6 months.


Before the days of having my own laptop or even my own computer for that matter, I loved sitting at the desk in my parent’s office and playing games. I used to sit at that desk and create, create, create. I would use Clip Art and create books or Paint and create drawings. I also used to write Harry Potter fan fiction (don’t judge). I feel like I was always so productive at that desk and that I need to bring a workspace back into my life.


Allie and I have a second bedroom in our home that we essentially never used. It was kind of set up in case anyone wanted to spend the night but was mostly used for storage. It wasn’t a nice room. It was never decorated nicely and we didn’t spend any time in the space. Now that we are both going to be working from home more, we decided that now would be as good a time as ever to convert the room into our home office. We have had this thought for about a year but have seriously been putting it off. I am so glad that we finally buckled down and committed, because the space turned out great.


The Desk

We went into our IKEA trip planning on buying one MICKE desk because that is all our budget could afford. Once we got there we completely changed our mind and decided to do a “build your own” type desk. We both got the white LINNMON table top and the white ADILS legs. Each desk only cost us $30 and they’re exactly what we wanted!




Under my desk is an old bedside table of ours that has been painted a shade of grey. In the drawer, there are all of my natural and holistic products that don’t really have a place around the house. In the bin on the bottom is all of our chords and electronics.



For lighting, I went with the TERTIAL desk lamp from IKEA. It cost only $13 and clamps directly to the desk. It has a wide range of motion and provides great light for my late night writing sessions.



Vision Board

I love having a vision board, and having this one directly in front of me is a good way to keep myself motivated. The three little signs are from Kikki K, a stationery shop, and I purchased them when we were travelling Australia. There is a sweet photo of Allie and I from one of our many trips. This geometric painting is something that I randomly painted one day but fell in love with. I have a Luckies Scratch Map with all of the places I’ve visited checked off. There is still so much area to cover so I feel like I need to travel right now! This flying key is a tribute to Harry Potter and was made for me by my Mom and the crystal pendant was a Christmas gift from a family member.




I love this “to love and be loved” print and decided to display it on an old clipboard. It was a birthday gift from one of my best friends. I have a large chunk of amethyst to help with good vibes and for a calming effect. I also have a wooden carving of the Buddha, a sage smudge stick, and an essential oil diffuser bracelet sitting on the corner of my desk.



Normally I will also have a notebook and my day planner on the desk as well!



I am so in love with this workspace. It is so bright and happy and I know will keep me motivated to work.


Allie and I decided to each have our own workspace that was similar, but decorated to fit our own personal style. I’m going to pest Allie into doing a guest post on her space because hers is seriously lovely. 




  1. January 30, 2018 / 9:14 pm

    Your space encourages creativity. Very happy for you. I look forward to Allie’s guest blog.

  2. Leslie Long
    January 30, 2018 / 11:29 am

    What a calm space girlie ❤️ I love the scratch off map… very cool.

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